How o achieve word stress

How to Achieve Stress

Applying the principles of word stress is a constant battle for many. Our Speech Coach, Chris Nkwocha, has some tips on how to achieve stress while you speak:

Steps to Achieve Stress

1. Recognize that polysyllabic words have loud and faint parts.

2. Loud syllables are given full pronunciation. This means that the vowels and consonants in a loud syllable are said clearly.

3. Faint syllables are given part or partial pronunciation. This means that we don’t use all the letters in a faint syllable.

4. We drop or reduce the vowel sound in a faint syllable and say just the consonants.

Formula  for Achieving Stress

Loud Syllable = Consonant + Vowel = Full Pronunciation

Faint Syllable = Consonants only = partial Pronunciation.


Examples to Help you Achieve Stress

Comfortable = com for ta ble Comfortable = com f t bl = comftbl

Consonant = con so nant Consonant = con s n’nt = consn’nt

Handsome = hand some Handsome = han s’m = hans’m

Pronounce = pro nounce Pronounce = pr nounce = prnounce

Mistake = mis take Mistake = m’s take = m’stake

Neutral = neu tral Neutral = neu trl = neutrl

Method = me thod Method = me th’d = meth’d

Comment = com ment Comment = com m’nt = com’nt

Command = com mand Command = c’mand = c’mand

Comment = com ment Comment = c’ment = c’ment

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