Consonants connect words like a chain


By Chris Nkwocha and Esther John

Unknown to many, consonants are the real conjunctions. They are the actual connectors of words not ideas in spoken English. The superb rule strongly holds here: When a word ends in a consonant, and the next word begins in a vowel, connect or link them and say them as one word.  This rule applies especially to some words that come in pairs when we speak.  In fact, they come naturally as we speak. Consonants connect words.

Do you know how to connect or link words when you speak? See how it works in real life below. We treat a word that ends in a consonant followed by and like a hyphenated word. We usually close the space between hyphenated words and make them sound like one word. For example, ‘check up’ is pronounced checkup, leaving no space between ‘check’ and ‘up’. Say the words listed below like they are hyphenated. Don’t forget: Consonants connect words.


            WRITTEN                                WRITTEN                                SPOKEN


  1. Actor and boss                              actorand boss                             actor-n boss
  2. Again and again                           againand again                           again-n again
  3. All or nothing                               allor nothing                               allor nothing
  4. Bag and baggage                          bagand baggage                          bag-n baggage
  5. Before and after                           beforeand after                            before-n after
  6. Big and small                                bigand small                               big-n small
  7. Black and blue                              blackand blue                             black-n blue
  8. Black and white                            blackand white                           black-n white
  9. Body and soul                               bodyand soul                              body-n soul
  10. Bolt and nut                                  boltand nut                                  bolt-n nut
  11. Boys and girls                               boysand girls                              boys-n girls
  12. Bread and butter                          breadand butter                        bread-n butter
  13. Bread and egg                               breadand egg                              bread-n egg
  14. Bride and groom                          brideand groom                          bride-n groom
  15. Buy and sell                                  buyand sell                                 buy-n sell
  16. By and large                                  byand large                                by-n large
  17. Coat and tie                                  coatand tie                                  coat-n tie
  18. Coming and going                       comingand going                       coming-n going
  19. Cut and paste                               cutand paste                               cut-n paste
  20. Day and night                              dayand night                              day-n night
  21. Dead or alive                                deador alive                               deador alive
  22. Do or die                                       door die                                      do-or die
  23. Do’s and don’ts                           do’sand don’t                             do’s-n don’t
  24. Dog and sheep                            dogand sheep                             dog-n sheep
  25. Dribs and drabs                          dribsand drabs                            dribs-n drabs
  26. Each and every                           eachand every                            each-n every
  27. Facts and figures                        factsand figure                            facts-n figure
  28. Far and wide                               farand wide                                 far-n wide
  29. Fat and short                              fatand short                                 fat-n short
  30. First and last                               firstand last                                 first-n last
  31. Fish and chips                            fishand chips                              fish-n chips
  32. Fits and starts                            fitsand starts                               fits-n starts
  33. Flesh and blood                         fleshand blood                           flesh-n blood
  34. For and against                          forand against                             for-n against
  35. Forgive and forget                     forgiveand forget                        forgive-n forget
  36. Fork and knife                            forkand knife                              fork-n knife
  37. Front and back                           frontand back                             front-n back
  38. Give and take                              giveand take                               give-n take
  39. Good and bad                             goodand bad                               good-n bad
  40. Hale and hearty                         haleand hearty                            hale-n hearty
  41. Heaven and earth                      heavenand earth                          heaven-n earth
  42. High and dry                              highand dry                                 high-n dry
  43. High and tall                              highand tall                                 high-n tall
  44. Home and dry                            homeand dry                               home-n dry
  45. Huffing and puffing                  huffingand puffing                     huffing-n puffing
  46. Husband and wife                     husbandand wife                        husband-n wife
  47. Hustle and bustle                      hustleand bustle                          hustle-n bustle
  48. In and out                                   inand out                                    in-n out
  49. Jack and Jill                              Jackand Jill                                 Jack-n Jill
  50. Kick and start                            kickand start                               kick-n start
  51. Kith and kin                               kithand kin                                  kith-n kin
  52. Ladies and gentlemen             Ladiesand gentlemen                  Ladies-n gentlemen
  53. Left and right                            leftand right                                 left-n right
  54. Look and see                             lookand see                                 look-n see
  55. Lost and found                         lostand found                              lost-n found
  56. Make or mar                              makeor mar                                 make-or mar
  57. Man and woman                      manand woman                          man-n woman
  58. Milk and sugar                         milkand sugar                             milk-n sugar
  59. More and more                        moreand more                             more-n more
  60. More or less                              moreor less                                 more-or less
  61. Nice and easy                           niceand easy                               nice-n easy
  62. Nook and cranny                     nookand cranny                          nook-n cranny
  63. Now and then                           nowand then                               now-n then
  64. Now or never                            nowor never                                now-or never
  65. Null and void                            nulland void                                null-n void
  66. On and off                                 onand off                                    on-n off
  67. Park and shop                          parkand shop                              park-n shop
  68. Pick and drop                           pickand drop                               pick-n drop
  69. Plant and harvest                    plantand harvest                         plant-n harvest
  70. Plants and animals                 plantsand animal                         plants-n animals
  71. Profit or loss                            profitor loss                                 profit-or loss
  72. Pure and simple                      pureand simple                            pure-n simple
  73. Question and answer             questionand answer                     question-n answer
  74. Read and write                        readand write                              read-n write
  75. Rich and poor                          richand poor                               rich-n poor
  76. Right and wrong                     rightand wrong                           right-n wrong
  77. Rise and fall                             riseand fall                                 rise-n fall
  78. Rise and still                            riseand still                                 rise-n still
  79. Rock and roll                           rockand roll                                rock-n roll
  80. Room and parlour                  roomand parlour                        room-n parlour
  81. Root and branch                     rootand branch                           root-n branch
  82. Safe and sound                        safeand sound                            safe-n sound
  83. Shirt and tie                             shirtand tie                                 shirt-n tie
  84. Sick and tired                          sickand tired                              sick-n tired
  85. Signed and sealed                   signedand sealed                       signed-n sealed
  86. Skirt and blouse                      skirtand blouse                          skirt-n blouse
  87. Slow and steady                      slowand steady                          slow-n steady
  88. Soak and wash                         soakand wash                             soak-n wash
  89. Sooner or later                         sooneror later                             sooner-or later
  90. Sow and reap                            sowand reap                                sow-n reap
  91. Spick and span                         spickand span                              spick-n span
  92. Strong and reliable                  strongand reliable                        strong-n reliable
  93. Supply and demand                supplyand demand                      supply-n demand
  94. Sure and certain                       sureand certain                            sure-n certain
  95. Tall and fat                                talland fat                                    tall-n fat
  96. Taste and see                            tasteand see                                 taste-n see
  97. Thin and thin                            thinand thin                                 thin-n thin
  98. This and that                            thisand that                                 this-n that
  99. Thunder and lightning           thunderand lightning                  thunder-n lightning
  100. Tie and dye                                tieand dye                                 tie-n dye
  101. To and fro                                  toand fro                                     to-n fro
  102. Tom and Jerry                          Tomand Jerry                             Tom-n Jerry
  103. True or false                              trueor false                                  true-or false
  104. Try and see                                tryand see                                   try-n see
  105. Ups and down                           upsand down                              ups-n down
  106. Wait and get                              waitand get                                    wait-n get
  107. Wait and see                              waitand see                                 wait-n see
  108. Wash and wear                         washand wear                             wash-n wear
  109. Weak and tired                         weakand tired                             weak-n tired
  110. Wear and tear                           wearand tear                               wear-n tear
  111. Wide and deep                         wideand deep                              wide-n deep
  112. Young and old                          youngand old                              young-n old


























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