Sounds of animals

Sounds of Animals

Here is your chance to test your knowledge of sounds of animals. Simply identify the animal and choose the sound it makes from the options given.  Don’t forget to fill in your name and email before you start. If you enjoyed this quiz try more here    

Talking about the English plural morpheme on Diction Avenue


The English plural morpheme or marker is the letter –S. It has three sound variants -/s/,/z/ and /ɪz/.  It’s important to know when the plural marker –S makes this different sounds in words. /s/ is the voiceless sound of the plural marker –S. And so, the plural marker –S is realized as /s/ when its follows voiceless consonants such as /k/, /p/,/t/,/f/,/θ/ etc You pronounce the plural marker –S as… Read More »THE ENGLISH PLURAL MORPHEME

How o achieve word stress

How to Achieve Stress

Applying the principles of word stress is a constant battle for many. Our Speech Coach, Chris Nkwocha, has some tips on how to achieve stress while you speak: Steps to Achieve Stress 1. Recognize that polysyllabic words have loud and faint parts. 2. Loud syllables are given full pronunciation. This means that the vowels and consonants in a loud syllable are said clearly. 3. Faint syllables are given part or… Read More »How to Achieve Stress

Trial Test for SECA Level 1 Certificate

This Trial Test prepares you for SECA Level 1 Assessment. Sitting SECA Level 1 Assessment test is a prerequisite to the award of the Institute of Certified Communicators Level 1 certificate. Our pass rate for the award of the certificate is 75%. What is the level of your spoken English? Can it earn you a Spoken English Assessment Certificate (SECA) Level 1 Certificate? Try this free trial test now to find… Read More »Trial Test for SECA Level 1 Certificate


The Training Schedule for schools of the ICCOM-IPE family for the  2018/2019 academic session has been announced.  Schools that want to make some changes should please call 09051111178, 08061282222, 08120247744, 08091112839. The programme holds at our Lagos office: 10, Kola Oretuga Street, Omoroga, Meiran, Lagos. GROUP A (1)Triple cross (primary)  (2)Triple cross (secondary)  (3) Little lights DATE: 1-2 August 2018 TIME:9:00am -3:00pm.   GROUP B (4)St.Judes (primary)  (5)St.Judes(secondary) DATE:6-7 August 2018… Read More »ICCOM-IPE TRAINING SCHEDULE FOR SCHOOLS

2012/2013 Term 3

Download assessment questions and marking scheme for third term 2012/2013 for all classes. 3rd term Marking Scheme KG Exam Question 2012 Mid term Marking Scheme Mid term nur assessment tm 3 2013 Primary exam Pry Exam Marking Scheme Pry Marking Scheme – Read Aloud read aloud exam Read Write Phonics Sec Examination Y1 to 5 tm 3 2013 exam

2012/2013 Term Two

Download assessment questions and marking scheme for second term 2012/2013 for all classes. Mid Term Exam  Midterm Exam Marking Scheme   Mid Term Nursery Exam    Primary Marking Scheme   Read Aloud Assessment Primary Marking Scheme – Read Aloud   Secondary Exam Term 2 2013 Secondary Marking Scheme

2012/2013 First Term

Download assessment questions and marking scheme for first term 2012/2013 for all classes. 1st term Midterm Sec. 2012-2013 Mid Term Marking Scheme Nursery exam Nursery exam1 Primary exam Pry Marking Scheme read aloud assessment Sec Marking Scheme sECONDARY EXAM  

MySET BOX for improved spoken English


The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) in collaboration with Education Resorts Intl and its allies is pleased to announce the release of a new audio player called MySet Box, an audio player that contains well-graded speech lessons for various levels. The MySet Box has two titles: Spoken English for Africans and My Spoken English. This speech tool is designed to groom Africans to speak right. With MySet Box, you may… Read More »SPOKEN ENGLISH CERTIFICATION ASSESSMENT AND MySET BOX