November 2019

How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

/e/ is vowel number three. It is midway between the vowels /ɪ / and /æ/ Some people from Eastern Nigeria may have a harder time saying the /e/ sound because it is not a letter in their alphabet. So, you may hear the sound substituted with /ɪ /. You can listen to the sound here. However, it is not a difficult sound to say with practice. It is also important… Read More »How to teach vowel Number 3 / e /

ERI English Broadcast 19/11

This week on ERI English Broadcast We bring you Kids Think. Students are given scenarios and they talk about what they would do if confronted with same. In this edition, pupils of Good Shepherd Schools, Lagos share their thinking on what they’ll do IF on your way back home, and you noticed from a distance that the window of your house is broken, your door is slightly opened—ajar. You also see… Read More »ERI English Broadcast 19/11

vowel number 11 title

How to Teach Vowel Number 11 / 3: /

Vowel number 11 is the last long vowel sound of the twelve monophthongs or pure vowels / 3:/. You can read about how to teach all the other long sounds on our blog 3: cannot be found in most Nigerian languages, hence it is quite difficult for non-native speakers to produce. In Nigeria, many English speakers simply replace the sound with what is most convenient for them. /e/ that is… Read More »How to Teach Vowel Number 11 / 3: /

Diction Avenue 11/13

This week on Diction Avenue. We have our usual four segments to learn from. Dont forget to subscribe, share and hit the notification button.   The Long u sound. Can you say the long u sound. Do you know the spelling variants of the sound? Abigail Anaba takes you through the lesson On the Avenue Today     Do you know the correct pronunciation of these words: google, chassis, machete,… Read More »Diction Avenue 11/13

the u: sound title

How to Teach the Long u Sound

The long u sound is the ninth in the list of vowels of the English Sound System. Like /ɔ:/, we produce this sound with rounded lips. Also, it is a universal sound just like all the other long sounds we have previously discussed on our blog. You can check through our previous blogs to learn about the long e, a, and the/ɔ:/ sounds. In Nigeria, all the major dialects have… Read More »How to Teach the Long u Sound

ERI English Broadcast 8/11/2019

Today on ERI English Broadcast… Diction Class Do you know how to talk about one item in a pair? Is it “One leg of my shoes or half pair of my shoes, when talking about one of the two that make a pair?” Watch Diction Class to find out.     African Values What are the benefits of accepting corrections? Watch:   Reading Platform Learn what to do before reading… Read More »ERI English Broadcast 8/11/2019

ERI English Broadcast 7/11/19

On ERI English Broadcast today… Words of the Week Do you know how to say the days of the week? Some people have difficulty saying Wednesday and Saturday. Get to know the days of the week and more on Words of the Week. Diction Class Join us in the Diction class as we learn how to say loud and faint parts of words(stress).     And on  Stories that Teach… Read More »ERI English Broadcast 7/11/19

/ɔ:/ sound title

How to teach the long /ɔ:/ sound

The /ɔ:/ sound is one of the symbols of the International Phonetics Association’s (IPA). It is the seventh sound in the list of vowels or the English Sound System. It is produced with rounded lips.  Like the long ‘e’, and /a:/ it is a universal sound. In Nigeria, all the major dialects have the vowel, so it is not a difficult sound for Nigerians to articulate. Each time you say… Read More »How to teach the long /ɔ:/ sound