September 2019

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How to Pick your Presentation Topic

How to pick your topic is an essential part of making presentations. This post is the first in a series of articles that will help persons who wish to register for the Speech Master’s National Contest to make the best presentations. Picking your Topic The topic or theme of your presentation is the first point of attraction to your listeners. If your topic is not well articulated, the listeners may… Read More »How to Pick your Presentation Topic

Silent Letters: Odd Word Out

Can you create silent letter word lists? Here is a quiz that tests your knowledge! Pick the odd word from the list of words with silent letters 🙂 [qsm quiz=26]

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How to create silent letter word lists

Word lists are a creative way of teaching learners how to say new words. It is particularly helpful in teaching difficult to sound or spell words. Therefore, word lists are a great way of teaching words with silent letters. However, to be successful in the use of word lists, it is important to follow a model. So as not to confuse the learners, words with similar characteristics should be put… Read More »How to create silent letter word lists

Can you tell the Countries of Origin of these Words?

The highest score for this quiz if 85% and the average is 45%. Can you beat the average score? Or are you better than the best? Why not find out by taking the Seven Countries, Seven Words Quiz. Test your English history and geography by selecting the country from which the word was borrowed. [qsm quiz=25]  

Spelling Words With Silent Letters

Teaching the spelling of words with silent letters can be a challenge. This is because to spell words correctly, letters are matched to their corresponding sounds. In the last post on spelling, we learned that for words with more than one syllable, we break the words into syllables and then say the letters that correspond to each of the sounds in each syllable when we spell them. When we need… Read More »Spelling Words With Silent Letters

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How to Teach Silent Letters

Beginning readers are often confused by silent letters. They have been taught that each letter has a corresponding sound or more than one sound. So, they are looking out for how to link letters to sounds as they read. The concept of silent letters goes against the first rule they have learnt.  They need to be given direct instruction on the addendum to the rule. Letters are silent for various… Read More »How to Teach Silent Letters