May 2019

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Spoken English Certification

Pupils offering the Diction in English course can now acquire Spoken English Certification. The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) and Diction in English Assessment Ltd are coming together to give pupils in the terminal Grades 5 and 6 an opportunity to get a SECA Level 1 Certification. The assessment will test candidate’s competency in four core areas: Spelling Pronunciation Reading Listening Registration Fee N2,000.00. Register here Benefits of Spoken English… Read More »Spoken English Certification

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Procrastination: A Friend of Laziness

Do you have issues with some team members loafing and wasting one of the most valuable resources—time? This abridged presentation by one of our corporate speakers might interest you. It talks about procrastination and how it can kill productivity. When one is sleeping and as it’s normal, they reluctantly will want to wake up when it’s time to rise. Some, like the wife of Lot, have procrastinated leaving their comfort… Read More »Procrastination: A Friend of Laziness

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TEA: Teach, Explain, Answer

We well know that to achieve a speak-right environment, teachers must be fully involved in promoting and maintaining the speak-right culture. In their various schools, they serve as role models to their learners. For this reason, we need a training arena for all teachers where we will Teach, Explain and Answer. (TEA) That is why number 17 on the Strategic and Implementation Plan for Speech and Presentation Course states: “To… Read More »TEA: Teach, Explain, Answer

short cut through forest

The Costly Shortcut

Have you ever found yourself taking a shortcut to a place only to run into traffic such that you ended up spending even more time than you would have if you had taken the usual route? Well, if you have, you would have regretted your actions but then it would have been too late. Every day, people take shortcuts that have not benefited them. Consider this example. Each time they… Read More »The Costly Shortcut