April 2019

Speech coordinators at ICCOM Accreditation

Duties of the Speech Coordinator

Do you remember these duties/qualities of a Speech Coordinator as outlined during your last accreditation? Here is a quick reminder. Attention must be given to all educators who must champion the speak-right crusade at all times in the school. It must be seen by all in all quarters that you are striving to speak right. If a coordinator speaks right, it is going to positively influence the learners and other… Read More »Duties of the Speech Coordinator

Human Capital Managers

The Human Capital Managers, Esau and Jacob

They are two jolly friends but as different as Esau and Jacob. What makes the difference between them is their disposition to how they live their lives. While Esau procrastinates, Jacob takes prompt action on issues whenever they arise. They are two types of human capital managers. So it happened one day that Esau gradually took ill. Instead of him to visit his doctor upon seeing the symptom of his… Read More »The Human Capital Managers, Esau and Jacob


A presentation by Chris Nkwocha Can you take a lesson from the cloud? Have you taken some time to observe the cloud? As one mass of cloud moves, another follows, and another follows, and yet another and another follows and on and on. You may have observed that no two masses of cloud are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes that are better admired by those who… Read More »A LESSON FROM THE CLOUD

Iccom Hosts Accreditation of Speech Coordinators.

The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) has held its second accreditation and re-accreditation programme at the company’s taining center on Tuesday, 23rd April, 2019. The sessions which ended on a splendid note had representatives from eleven different schools in the Lagos and Ogun State axis. The programme kickstarted with welcoming of participants and preview of the programme by Mr. Chris Nkwocha. This was followed by splitting the class into two… Read More »Iccom Hosts Accreditation of Speech Coordinators.