October 2018

How to Avoid Giving People an Earsore (Bad Tenses)

Of all the five senses, two can be easily inflicted with a sore. The ear often takes offence, being irritated by what it hears. It’s what people hear not necessarily what they see that get them upset to the point of fighting. What the ear hears can set the whole body on fire. We need not be told to be mindful of what we say and how we say them… Read More »How to Avoid Giving People an Earsore (Bad Tenses)

How Good are your Tenses?

Have you ever caught yourself mixing up your tenses? Have you written something and wondered if it is grammatically correct. A lot of non-native speakers of English are not able to get their tenses right. Why not take this quiz and see how good (or bad) you are. [qsm quiz=13]