June 2018

Teach Yourself Spoken English

Learn at your own pace and at your own time using Myset Audio boxes.  Sit exams when you are ready and get certified.

Value-Added Services

Our value-added content will surely tickle your fancy. No other organisation offers such an exclusive array of options.


Find out when the next seminar, talkshop or competition will hold and how you and your school may participate.


Watch and advertise on the number one English language learning programme in Nigeria showing across Africa via DSTV and GoTV on GalaxyTV.


Evaluate your proficiency in spoken English with our Spoken English Certificate Assessment past questions. Download assessment questions for your school.


Learn to improve your spoken English and grow in confidence with our professionally researched courses for learners, educators, and professionals. We offer classes in-person (for schools and individuals) and on-line. Courses for Schools The courses for schools run in two formats: The in-person course, where our facilitators visit the schools and run the Speech and Presentation course directly in their classrooms. The online course, where our speech mentors host classes… Read More »Courses