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Institute of Certified Communicators

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About us

The Institute of Certified Communicators (ICCOM) is the leading, strategically focused, specialist educational consultants. We have extensive experience in working with schools, businesses and the media. ICCOM trains students, teachers, public speakers, government officials, sales persons, and others to become better speakers and professionals.

ICCOM Staff, Lagos Office

Spoken English Course

This 12 week course takes you through pronunciation, syllable stress, words connect and intonation.

What Our Clients say

The Management of Mayors Schools is pleased to commend you for the exceptional work you have been doing in improving the communication and speaking skills of our teachers and pupils through your training programmes. Your more than five years’ service in the school has really been beneficial and impressive; and we look forward to a more fruitful experience with you, trusting your innovative approach to problem solving as we continue to work with you.
Mrs B. O. Ogunjobi,